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  • Effectiveness of Scotland's National Naloxone Programme for reducing opioid-related deaths

    Scotland's National Naloxone Programme, which started in 2011, was associated with a 36% reduction in the proportion of opioid-related deaths that occurred in the 4 weeks following release from prison.

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  • Naloxone on prison-release saves lives in Scotland, but why not elsewhere?

    Audio from a presentation on naloxone by Dr Sheila Bird


  • Over 500 life-saving kits handed out in Dundee

    A kit that is being used in the fight to stop people dying from drugs overdoses could have saved as many as 40 lives in Dundee during the last year, an addiction charity has said.

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  • National Naloxone Programme Scotland - Monitoring Report 2014/15

    A total of 7,376 THN kits were issued in Scotland in 2014/15, an increase of 14% on the previous year, bringing the cumulative number of kits issued since the start of the program (2011/12 to 2014/15) to 21,140.

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  • Drug-related deaths in Scotland reach highest level on record

    The number of drug-related deaths in Scotland has risen to its highest level since records began. The National Records of Scotland report revealed 613 people died as a result of drugs in 2014. A director of a Church of Scotland social care group said the rise was "related" to government cuts.

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  • Scottish Drugs Related Deaths Report

    The National Records of Scotland (NRS) have just released the annual Drug-Related Deaths report for 2014. The report provides statistics of drug-related deaths in 2014 and earlier years, broken down by age, sex, selected drugs reported, underlying cause of death and NHS Board and Council areas.

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Film: training

Swansea10 min film shows how quick and easy it can be to opportunistically train people attending the needle exchange.

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Film: Reach For Me

Reach For MeDocumentary discussing naloxone distribution in the USA and problems caused by drug shortages.

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Naloxone Kits

Naloxone Report 
ISD Scotland have released their report into the of Scottish naloxone programme.

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Oct 2015
now available

PHE Naloxone Briefing

Public Health England Have released a briefing on naloxone in England.


PHE Breifing


Feb 2015
now available


EMCDDA have released a guide to preventing overdose deaths. 




Jan 2016
now available

Homeless guide

Homeless Link  Have released a guide to naloxone in homeless services.




April 2015
now available

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