Naloxone research

paperandpenWe've put this collection in the order that the research was released with the most recent first. Wherever possible we've linked to the full research article, however in some cases we have only linked to the abstract as the article itself is behind a paywall.

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Engagement in a National Naloxone Programme among people who inject drugs 2016
Effectiveness of Scotland's National Naloxone Programme for reducing opioid-related deaths: a before (2006–10) versus after (2011–13) comparison 2016
Scottish Drugs Related Deaths in 2014 Report 2015
Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs Providing Naloxone to Laypersons 2015
Effectiveness of bystander naloxone administration and overdose education programs: a meta-analysis 2015
National Drug Related Deaths Database (Scotland) Report: Analysis of Deaths occurring in 2013 2015
Expanding Naloxone use could reduce drug overdose deaths and save lives 2015
Take-home naloxone to prevent fatalities from opiate-overdose: Protocol for Scotland’s public health policy evaluation, and a new measure to assess impact 2015
Mortality among drug users in Europe: new and old challenges for public health 2015
5 Minutes Is All It Takes To Identify and Reverse an Overdose 2015
New EMCDDA review studies the effectiveness of overdose antidote, naloxone 2015
Brief overdose education is sufficient for naloxone distribution to opioid users 2014
Take-home naloxone (THN) & naloxone-on-release (NOR) reduce opioid-related deaths: from evidence of high risk soon after prison-release through science-led evaluations of THN/NOR to the monitoring of national naloxone policies. 2014
National Naloxone Programme Scotland – naloxone kits issued in 2013/14 and trends in opioid-related deaths 2014
Deaths Related to Drug Poisoning in England and Wales, 2013 2014
Service Evaluation of Scotland’s National Take-Home Naloxone Programme 2014
National Naloxone Programme Scotland – naloxone kits issued in 2012/13 (revision) 2014
Drug Death Database Report (Scotland) 2014
National Forum on Drug Related Deaths Report (Scotland) 2014
Implementing Expanding Naloxone Availability in the ACT (I-ENAACT) - Key Findings 2014
Drug-related deaths in the UK: January-December 2012 2014
Reducing drug related deaths: a pre-implementation assessment of knowledge,barriers and enablers for naloxone distribution through general practice 2014
Does take-home naloxone reduce non-fatal overdose? 2014
Mortality due to opioid overdose found most often in prisoners post-release 2013
Drug-related deaths in Scotland in 2012 2013
Drug Death Database Report (Scotland) 2013
National Forum on Drug-Related Deaths in Scotland - Annual Report 2011/12 2013
Opioid overdose rates and implementation of overdose education and nasal naloxone distribution in Massachusetts: interrupted time series analysis 2013
General Practitioner Engagement with the Scottish National Naloxone Programme: A Needs Assessment Project 2013
Training bystanders to spot drug overdoses can reduce deaths 2013
Cost-Effectiveness of Distributing Naloxone to Heroin Users for Lay Overdose Reversal 2013
National Naloxone Programme Scotland Monitoring Report – naloxone kits issued in 2011/12 2012
Increasing access to naloxone in BC to reduce opioid overdose deaths 2012
N-ALIVE 2012
The NTA overdose and naloxone training programme for families and carers. 2011
Preventing opiate overdose deaths: examining objections to take-home naloxone. 2010
Saved by the Nose: Bystander-Administered Intranasal Naloxone Hydrochloride for Opioid Overdose 2009
Expanded access to naloxone: options for critical response to the epidemic of opioid overdose mortality 2009
Population pharmacokinetics of intravenous, intramuscular, and intranasal naloxone in human volunteers. 2008
Closing Death's Door: Action Steps to Facilitate Emergency Opioid Drug Overdose Reversal in the United States. 2008
Distinguishing signs of opioid overdose and indication for naloxone: an evaluation of six overdose training and naloxone distribution programs in the United States 2008
Overdose prevention for injection drug users: Lessons learned from naloxone training and distribution programs in New York City 2006
Provision of naloxone to injection drug users as an overdose prevention strategy: early evidence from a pilot study in New York City 2006
Prescribing Naloxone to Actively Injecting Heroin Users: A Program to Reduce Heroin Overdose Deaths 2006
Naloxone in opioid poisoning: walking the tightrope 2005
Overdoses among Friends: Drug users are willing to administer naloxone to others 2005
Randomised Trial of Intranasal versus Intramuscular Naloxone in Prehospital Treatment for Suspected Opioid Overdose. 2005
Intranasal Administration of Naloxone by Paramedics. Pre-hospital Emergency Care 2002
Take home naloxone and the prevention of deaths from opiate overdose: two pilot schemes 2001
Legal Aspects of Providing Naloxone to Heroin Users in the United States. 2001
The distribution of naloxone to heroin users. 1997