Naloxone Social Media

Naloxone is increasingly being discussed on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This page contains all the recent tweets discussing Naloxone as well as links to some of the more popular Facebook pages. We also have a page set up for tweets about International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31st.

Naloxone Tweets

ClinicalPearl Bot

A patient of DOC gets glucose, oxygen, naloxone, and thiamine in the first 5 minutes, no matter the history.意識障害の患者にはブドウ糖、酸素、チアミン、ナロキソンを投与する

by ClinicalPearl Bot


RT @thecapitalvoice: ALL about choices folks, I think this festival has made a statement, where does harm reduction end and self... https:/…

by WeTheParents


Naloxone is used to block respiratory depression effect caused by opiate

by J.Smith