2013 Naloxone Materials

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Save SomeOne! That's the message from the new look information materials on Scotland's world-leading lifesaving community-based naloxone programme which are being launched across the country this week.

The materials enhance the focus on promoting the role of everyone in the community – frontline professionals engaging with drug users in any setting, drug users, families, friends and carers – in using naloxone to reverse life-threatening opioid overdose emergencies before emergency healthcare professionals can intervene.

2013 Resources

The suite of materials includes

  • Posters: aimed at promoting naloxone training among people who use drugs, families, carers, and anyone else who may be interested in getting involved in training to administer this life-saving medication
  • Naloxone Can be a Lifesaver: booklet on how to deal with an overdose emergency
  • Drug-related Deaths - What You Should Know: booklet on preventing overdose and other drug-related deaths including through infections including anthrax, hepatitis B and C and other blood borne viruses; aimed at people who use drugs, families, carers and professionals engaging with drug users

These resources are being distribuited thoughout Scotland via Alcohol and Drug Partnerships and targeted at services that come into contact with people who use drugs, families, carers and professionals engaging with drug users. If you're unsure which ADP covers your area for naloxone distribution please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download Posters   Download Lifesaver Booklet   Download DRD Booklet

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