Intra Muscular (Martindale Kit)

The details below are instructions on how to administer the Martindale naloxone kit (the standardised kit given out in the Scottish programme). 


Twist the outer plastic box to break the tamper evident seals and open.


The box contains one syringe of naloxone and two needles.

 admin3 Unscrew the clear plastic top from the syringe.

Peel back the backing paper from the needle packet and remove the needle in its protective sheath.


With the needle still in its sheath, screw the blue fitting onto the syringe.


Gently twist the needle sheath and remove it from the syringe.


to inject someone who has overdosed, hold the syringe like a pen.

Insert the needle into the patient's outer thigh or upper arm, through clothing if necessary, and inject the first dose (0.4ml) at a 90 angle. Withdraw the needle and syringe after each dose.
For more details please check the 2013 naloxone materials from the Scottish programme.

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