Take Home Naloxone in the UK

Naloxone (provided under the brand names Prenoxad and Nyxoid in the UK) is a medication used to reverse opioid overdose. Since 2015, this medication has been more widely available in the UK as a ‘take home’ emergency medication.


This website aims to be a hub for information, guidance, news and research on Take Home Naloxone (THN). The main focus is on THN in the UK, although we have included select pieces of information on the supply of naloxone internationally.

PHE Guidance

Updated 18 February 2019
Public Health England have released updated guidance on take home naloxone in the UK, entiled ‘Widening the Availability of Naloxone’. This can be found on the PHE website.
  • Drug services can supply naloxone without a prescription
  • Products that drug services can supply
  • Responsibility for deciding who can supply naloxone
  • People who can be supplied naloxone by a drug service
  • Using naloxone to save a person’s life without their permission
  • Clinical governance in drug treatment services
  • Guidance for hostels, homeless shelters and housing associations
  • Side effects associated with naloxone

Consideration of Naloxone

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In May 2012 the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) released their report and advice to government on naloxone. The purpose of the report was to provide Government with advice on whether naloxone should be made more widely available, in order to prevent future drug-related deaths, and help engage and educate those most vulnerable of suffering an opioid overdose.


UK Overdose Awareness & Naloxone Poster Campaign

Launched: April 2021

There is a new overdose awareness and naloxone poster campaign launching this week in the UK that features the faces of real community naloxone carriers.

For obvious reasons we’d love to see some photographs of these billboards in the wild so we’re hoping that some of you can post photos to instagram. We’ll be keeping an eye of the #naloxone and #naloxoneposter tags, so if you post something expect our editor to reach out to you.


Six ways to tackle Scotland’s drugs crisis

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Almost two-thirds of ambulance crews – who have been using Naloxone for many years – are now also able to distribute it to people who might need it, with the remainder due to be trained by the end of this year. Police Scotland has also run a pilot project for its officers to carry Naloxone while on patrol.

Drug deaths in Scotland reach new record level

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How does Scotland tackle this? The Scottish government hopes the investment of £250m into innovations such as Naloxone – the overdose reversal drug – and alternatives to methadone may turn the oil tanker around, but it may take time.

Make It Stick

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Despite all the good work that’s been done over the last couple of decades to fight the battle for naloxone and tackle the associated stigma, one key fact remains. As Judith Yates told DDN last month, ‘You need to have it with you’.

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