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Test your knowledge: new online questionnaire on overdose and take-home naloxone

The EMCDDA has launched a new online knowledge questionnaire on overdose and take-home naloxone aimed at potential bystanders of overdose, but also at a wider interested public. The main aim of the questionnaire is to refresh respondents’ knowledge on opioids, overdose risks and the role of take-home naloxone as part of the overall response to overdose deaths.

The questionnaire can be used as a practical tool by those implementing overdose prevention and response training with people who use drugs as well as with their next of kin, staff of drug treatment centres or police and prison staff. The questionnaire addresses a range of issues regarding heroin and other opioids; opioid overdose; overdose risk; and myths and facts about overdose and take-home naloxone.

Available in four languages (ES, DE, EN, FR), the questionnaire consists of a series of true statements with an answer format ‘I knew it already’ or ‘This is new to me’. This allows participants to ‘learn by doing’ and assess and refresh their own level of knowledge.

EMCDDA Overdose Questionnaire