The Points Interview: Nancy Campbell

Nancy Campbell discussing her new book, OD: Naloxone and the Politics of Overdose with Points. Points is an academic group blog that brings together scholars with wide-ranging expertise with the goal of producing original and thoughtful reflections on the history of alcohol and drugs, the web of policy surrounding them, and their place in popular culture.

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“All human life has worth”: meet the organisations battling music’s opiate crisis

Opioid deaths are out of control, and the problem is plain to see in the fates of a generation of musicians. But the drug-blocking Naloxone can help. Multiple high-profile artists have died from accidental overdoses relating to opioids in recent years. The potent synthetic opiate fentanyl is believed to be a leading factor in the deaths of Prince and Tom Petty. The former died of an accidental fentanyl overdose, and it is believed that his prescription tablets were illegally cut with the substance. Petty died following an accidental overdose of unspecified painkillers: speaking to Rolling Stone, his family blamed fentanyl.

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Life saving overdose-reversing drug still not being accessed

Despite now being available over the counter, take-home naloxone programs designed to be used by potential overdose witnesses to prevent opioid-related harms, are not being bought in increased numbers, according to the authors of research published online today by the Medical Journal of Australia.

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ACMD public evidence gathering: request for written evidence

Forms for members of the public to provide written evidence on young people’s drug use and naloxone provision.

Following advice in response to COVID-19, 3 public evidence gathering days which were being arranged by the ACMD to inform reports on young people’s drug use and naloxone provision have been postponed until further notice. We are instead inviting relevant stakeholders to provide written submissions to help support these workstreams.

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A Crucial Conversation

Many of us have had to address the concerns of those who feared that the supply of Take Home Naloxone would increase risk taking behaviours among opiate users, but today we’re able to point to a continually increasing global evidence base that naloxone saves lives. (Links to a PDF of DDN magazine, naloxone article on p16).

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