Overdose kit handout to reduce drug deaths

A team of people with experience of drug addiction will be patrolling the streets of Middlesbrough distributing potentially life-saving kits. They will be “engaging” with drug users who are not accessing services, to offer advice as well as naloxone, which can reverse the effects of an overdose.

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Police Scotland officers administer Naloxone for first time in pilot project

Police Scotland officers have administered Naloxone for the first time, within two hours of receiving training in the use of the spray to reverse an opioid-related drug overdose. The constables, who are participating in a six-month test of change for the carriage and use of intra-nasal naloxone spray, responded to a call in Glasgow’s East End last night (Tuesday, 9 March, 2021) and successfully administered the reversal agent, stabilised the man until Scottish Ambulance Service clinicians attended and took over emergency medical care.

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Naloxone saves lives – how CGL are helping to prevent drug related deaths in Scotland

On the 1st of February, CGLs Peer Naloxone Education (PNE) team started their day with a briefing on the main objective: reaching out to as many people as possible while adhering to the social distancing rules currently in place. These were not the only challenges they faced. With rain and snow and temperatures dipping below zero, the task at hand was not easy. However, with their “Naloxone saves lives” hoodies they were dressed for the weather and ready for action.

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Taskforce to Receive 10,000 Free Naloxone Kits

Ethypharm, the speciality pharmaceutical company focused on CNS and critical care medicines, has confirmed its offer to supply 10,000 Naloxone kits across 2021 to The Drug Deaths Taskforce. The company, which is the licence holder for Prenoxad Injection, has made the gesture to support the work of the Taskforce in increasing engagement, overdose prevention education and naloxone training and supply with people at risk of overdose and their families. Prenoxad is the world’s first ‘take-home’ naloxone presentation licensed for use in a non-medical setting.

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