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How to administer naloxone (injectable)

This page is focused on the use of the Prenoxad naloxone injectable. Exact usage instructions may differ with other products, always check the instructions that come with your medication.

Video overview

This video shows how to inject the Prenoxad naloxone product commonly used in the UK and many other countries.
How to open, assemble and inject Prenoxad Injection (naloxone hydrochloride 1mg/1ml solution for injection).
Remove the clear film wrapping by pulling the tear strip on the side of the box. Twist the outer plastic to break the tamper evident seals and open
The box contains 1 syringe of Prenoxad Injection and two 23 gauge 1 ¼ inch needles for intramuscular injection
Unscrew the clear plastic top from the syringe
Peel back the backing paper from the needle packet and remove the needle, keeping it in its protective sheath
With the needle still in its sheath, screw the blue fitting onto the syringe
Gently twist the needle sheath and remove it from the syringe. Twisting the needle sheath instead of pulling it avoids needle stick injury
Hold the syringe like a pen or dart
  1. Insert the needle at right angles (90 degrees) into the casualty’s outer thigh or upper arm muscle, through clothing if necessary
  2. Rotate the barrel so that the black dosage line can be seen
  3. Inject the first dose of 0.4 ml Prenoxad
  4. Injection by holding the syringe steady and pushing the plunger to the first black line
  1. Take out the syringe with the needle attached and safely put it back into the case
  2. Do not re-sheath the needle
  3. If you need to give another dose, insert the syringe again and inject to the next black line
  4. After using Prenoxad Injection, keep the syringe in the box and hand it to the ambulance crew so that they know it has been administered
For more information on using the Prenoxad naloxone product please visit the official website.