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How to administer naloxone (nasal)

This page is focused on the use of the Nyxoid naloxone nasal product. Exact usage instructions may differ with other products, always check the instructions that come with your medication.

Video overview

This video shows how to use the Nyxoid nasal naloxone product commonly used in the UK and many other countries.
How to open and use Nyxoid nasal naloxone. Please note that each spray contains a single dose.
Peel off the back of the Nyxoid container. Remove the nasal spray and place it within easy reach.
Lay the person on their back. Support the back of the neck, and let the head tilt back. Clear away anything you see blocking their nose.
Hold the spray as shown — first two fingers either side of the nozzle, thumb ready to push the plunger. Don’t press to prime or test before use.

Gently insert the spray nozzle into one nostril. Press firmly on the plunger until it clicks and gives the dose. Remove the nozzle from the nostril. If possible, note which nostril you used.

For more information on using the Nyxoid naloxone product please visit the official website.