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High school students across Canada to be trained on how to administer naloxone

Each year, in addition to learning how to administer naloxone, about 350,000 students will learn about opioids and how to identify when to call 911, when to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and when to give naloxone. The training will first be deployed in Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia before expanding to other provinces.

Naloxone Lego Images

Naloxone Lego Images

A series of naloxone focused images made with lego have started doing the rounds on social media. They have been created by Thomas Valentine a 999 call operator based in Scotland.

The volunteers risking their lives to help drug users in Ukraine

It has always been complicated to help vulnerable Ukrainians who use drugs. For Kvitkovskiy and other members of a network of harm reduction organisers, the already difficult mission has become vastly more dangerous since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Naloxone: Bedfordshire Police pilot scheme to help save lives and counter drug overdoses

“I think at the moment we’re just going to have a specific trial with a controlled sample of people and then we’ll decide based on the trial how far we want to roll that out. But it’s pleasing that we are one of the forces that’s taking this on,” Bedfordshire’s deputy chief constable, Trevor Rodenhurst said.

Edinburgh Cabbies to Carry Naloxone

Cab drivers for Edinburgh’s Central Taxis have agreed to carry naloxone as part of a campaign to reduce drug deaths... As well as drivers carrying the opioid overdose reversal drug, one of the taxis will be emblazoned – inside and out – to carry the #StopTheDeaths message.

SSA podcast: The naloxone special

The podcast covers several key issues about naloxone, including how it works, how to administer it, the law, and the latest research. They talk about the role of naloxone in reducing drug-related deaths in the UK and the implications for drug policy.

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