UK Overdose Awareness & Naloxone Poster Campaign

Launched: April 2021

There is a new overdose awareness and naloxone poster campaign launching this week in the UK that features the faces of real community naloxone carriers.

For obvious reasons we’d love to see some photographs of these billboards in the wild so we’re hoping that some of you can post photos to instagram. We’ll be keeping an eye of the #naloxone and #naloxoneposter tags, so if you post something expect our editor to reach out to you.

Latest Resources

Reducing Drug Deaths in London

This report makes recommendations to the Mayor, Central Government and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to help reduce the number of drug-related deaths across London and the UK.

Impacts of overdose: Evaluating the effects of grief and loss from overdose on people who inject drugs and developing an intervention to address them

Many people who inject drugs, and people who work in harm reduction services, are living with grief and loss stemming from the ongoing crisis of opioid-overdose related deaths. These experiences of loss can take a psychological toll, yet there are few bereavement services available for people with theses experiences.

Barod Naloxone Delivery Service

The Welsh drug support service Barod have started a naloxone delivery service for anyone based in Wales allowing easier access to thelife saving medication that can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, including those related to heroin, methadone, morphine, buprenorphine and codeine.

Overdose Prevention Programming: Education and Naloxone Distribution – Practical Guide

A guide to overdose prevention and education using naloxone, while the content is focused on North American services the content is still of use to those of us working in the UK.

New UK Overdose Awareness & Naloxone Poster Campaign

There is a new overdose awareness and naloxone poster campaign launching this week in the UK that features the faces of real community naloxone carriers.

Naloxone – Lee’s Story

Bristol Drugs Project have produced three short interviews detailing the experience three different people have had with Naloxone. In this interview, they speak to Lee. He describes his own experience of an opioid overdose and how Naloxone was administered to him saving his life. This is Lee's Story.

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Stop the deaths

This year the Scottish Drugs Forum  #StopTheDeaths campaign highlights the role we all have in recognising and intervening when a person overdoses.

Overdose is not a rare occurrence and the difference between an overdose and a fatal overdose depends upon the immediate actions of people present at the time. You could save a life by recognising an overdose.  

#StopTheDeaths images © SDF 2021


EuroNPUD Naloxone Resources

EuroNPUD have produced naloxone resources focused on peer to peer distribution.
EuroNPUD underscore the centrality of the involvement of people who use drugs: drug users must be regarded as the primary target group for naloxone distribution and administration.

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