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Evaluation: Peer Naloxone Supply Project

A new report published by SDF shows the evaluation of the peer-to-peer naloxone programme within three pilot areas: one prison, one rural, one urban. The project aimed to establish, embed, and support high quality peer supply of naloxone as a core service across Scotland and ensure those involved in peer supply have an active voice in delivery of naloxone and other harm reduction interventions, including the sharing and promotion of good practice.

Findings show that there were several tangible positive outcomes experienced in all three areas. This peer supply approach increased the number of people trained in naloxone and kits present in prisons and community settings. Beyond this, there were other powerful impacts including, decreased stigma towards peers from staff, development of transferable skills and confidence amongst peers and instances of further opportunities and employment for these individuals.

To read the full review and recommendations please follow the link below.

Full Report